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BEST OF 2018

It was so much fun reflecting on the past year and going through all of the memories I've had the honor of capturing! I consider it such an honor that my clients have trusted me capture all of these memories and going through these images made me even more grateful! It's been such a crazy year of learning, growing, and meeting so many awesome people through photography!

Now, it's hard for me to narrow down my favorites for a single wedding day or portrait session- let alone all of my images FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. So it has been a process (hence posting this at the end of January) but I decided to go with the whole Marie Kondo idea of only keeping the images that "spark joy" ;)

So here you have it- some of my favorite images of 2018!

Yes, I bribe both adults and kids alike with smarties :)

When the groom is this proud and excited to marry his wife!

These photos make me laugh every time I see them!

This isn't the first time these steer have made an appearance on my blog ;)

When the maid-of-honor sings the first dance song!

Just look at that little tux!

Some of these photo were taken while second shooting with Sarah Canning Photography

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