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You know those people that when you meet them you just instantly feel comfortable and friends with? Well that’s how it was when I first met Leah & Tristan a few weeks ago and one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to take this sweet couple’s engagement photos! We ended up doing their session at one of my favorite locations and I love how they turned out!

Also, don’t miss the sighting of steer who decided he wanted to be part of the shoot too :)

So… the story behind this guy. When we first went into the meadow the steer were at the other end so I thought we were good. However, after a little while they started inching closer. But I still thought we were good because they were pretty far away. Well, I was getting some shots by this fence and all of a sudden Tristan says, “Uh, it’s right beside you.” So I look over and one of the steer is sniffing my camera bag! Needless to say I went over and picked up my bag because I didn’t really need the steer to eat any of my lenses or anything. But the group didn’t really seem like they were going anywhere so we just continued shooting. After a little bit I backed up to get a wider shot and then main steer nonchalantly walked closer to Leah and Tristan and looked back at me… I mean obviously he wanted his picture taken so I obliged :)

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